Himura Kikonashi

Mackworth Island This island just off the coast is one of my favorites to both walk and take photos or short videos. With the seasons, like us, it changes and how you view its different sides of scenery comes chances to embrace your creativity. Collaborating with this creative has significantly allowed me to step up […]

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2017 S. Jonathan Ouk Reel

My reel from projects between 2015-2017. Some of my best work are highlighted in this reel as either: actor, director, director of photography, producer, video editor and or film maker. It has been an amazing time producing these and I hope to produce more Summer 2017. 2017 S. JONATHAN OUK REEL from Sokhean Jonathan Ouk […]

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PROJECT SLAY VAMPIRE 10 A short film inspired by a childhood dream with vampires and light sabers; all styled like an anime. Uchitomeru Kyūketsuki 10 討ち止める 吸血鬼 10 Slay Vampire 10   Story Outline: Slay Vampire 10 is a fantasy genre story about a boy (Jion) suffering recurring nightmares of his childhood search to extinguish […]