A short film inspired by a childhood dream with vampires and light sabers; all styled like an anime.

Uchitomeru Kyūketsuki 10

討ち止める 吸血鬼 10

Slay Vampire 10


Story Outline:

Slay Vampire 10 is a fantasy genre story about a boy (Jion) suffering recurring nightmares of his childhood search to extinguish a vampire. This vampire preys on the memories of his friends and people around him.

In real life Jion and his friends are all together on an urban exploration adventure. They realize after following a path they have not seen before, that they are somewhere far away from home. His friends start to mysteriously disappear as they try to find their way out.

The air changes and their is a presence of something stalking them through the woods, a smell of decay is in the air. A strange creature is seen attacking a friend, whose appearance takes on one of the missing.

They are hunted by the 10th Vampire of Eden’s Wrath. When their life is drained away they become the reincarnated vampires of The 10 Beasts of Eden’s Wrath.

Later Jion and the remainder of his friends discover that some of his new friends have become vampires bent on devouring the world.

The story unravels to where his must defeat a best friend, who all his life has been the 10th Vampire of Eden’s Wrath


  1. Jion Kuroudo- Main Character. He doesn’t know he’s a descendant of a lost clan.
  2. Kimi Tesu- Girl that somewhat likes Jion. A popular girl with the boys.
  3. Megu Mashu- Jion’s old friend in the city. She is a talented dancer and performer.
  4. Natsumi Runa- Girl that Jion admires. 10th Vampire of Eden’s Wrath.
  5. Keisei Rio- Jion’s old friend in the city. A talented black belt in Jujitsu.
  6. Rora-Keito- A girl chosen to play a part in the “Slay Vampire 10” movie. Also a descendant of the Runa Keito Clan.
  7. Kurei Mashu- A guy that likes Kimi but she does not like him. He starts to hate Jion for Kimi’s interest in him. Friend of Natsumi Runa.


Test Opening Sequence and Music:


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