Sokhean Jonathan Ouk Cinematography Reel 2018

My reel from projects between 2015-2018. Some of my best work are highlighted in this reel as the cinematographer where I was either behind the camera or setting it up and in turn became in front of it.

Sokhean Jonathan Ouk Cinematography Reel 2018 from Sokhean Jonathan Ouk on Vimeo.

Hey Everyone!

I made a cinematographer reel of some of my best works over the years. This reel was created to show my camera skills but also to enroll into a Masters Program in Film and Cinema Production! Which I was accepted into! Thank you for everyone who was involved!

Let me know what you think!

If anyone is interested in being a part of future videos or collab at a con, I am more than interested to talk more about it!

Should I challenge myself to make videos like this weekly?!

Let me know what you think in the comments and please like and subscribe! I am trying new things on here. Share some of your experiences with me.

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