Where do you attain knowledge if not from experience or the company of academics and practitioners of the craft?

This page is dedicated to my experiences during my time at graduate school.

Where I will post my growth and aspirations as a future cinematographer.

September 4th, 2018 was the start of my journey to earn my Masters of Fine Art degree in a Cinema and Media Production program at Boston University as a Cinematographer (Director of Photography).

A native Mainer now in a bigger city, I find myself challenged to be out of my comfort zone as well as work the hardest I will ever to be the best I can be as well as make sure no opportunity is missed. These opportunities can come from anywhere but most of all, I want to be able to build a community for myself and others to also belong to.

WK 3

WK 4

WK 5

MFA Experience – The First Week

It has been one week since the start of the semester. The campus is huge and I was able to visit the only two buildings I will be spending a lot of time in. From the first week, I was able to meet a lot of the people in the MFA program. As diverse as it is, I was surprised to the number of each career path.

Coming from a university up in Maine, I believed that my undergrad helped me get a sense of what to expect in the industry. My courses taken during then were those in video production but nothing as specific as Directing or any other specialized course. This may be my downside.

From the first week at my graduate program, I learned that I know nothing. Nothing that would prepare me for a real job in the industry of film/ cinema. From how the industry standards of setting up a C-stand to the how to handle lighting, I was not prepared nor was I educated in such tasks. Perhaps I saw myself to much as an indie cinematographer or never really thought about the big screen line of work, but as mentioned by my DP professor, it is good to know your limits and make mistakes now than to make them on set in the real world. As much as I do believe this, I’m often hard on myself and always wanting to know perfection.

Meeting the other students in the program, it is a good chance to see where a lot of us come from what experience but also get to know how they may work and potentially how we could work together in the future.

As a note to myself, I often am pretty kind and accommodating, but I will really need to work on my communication skills and make sure that I can value my own opinions and skill levels. It is not often I ask for help or voice my opinions but in this program, I would like to be an open book to allow all the doubt be worked out together if I am unsure about anything.

This will be hard. I’m going to go beyond my capabilities and really shine on. Because we all glow.


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