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Welcome to Sokhean Jonathan Ouk’s online web page and portfolio. Preferred by his middle name Jonathan, he is also known as “Jonny.” This page will introduce you to him with a portfolio of some of his current and best works to date.

As a young artist and creator, being able to express himself is important. His preferred choice is through moving pictures and storytelling. With his love of the human condition, he enjoys stories that touch the universal emotions, struggles and happiness we all have experienced. His biggest personal project is to document his parent’s stories from a war torn country to raising a family in a new culture and society here in Maine.

Some of his goals include traveling the world and become a documentary film maker. Doing so will allow him to connect with many more people in the world as well as broaden his horizons.

Completing his Bachelors degree in Media Studies at the University of Southern Maine with minors in Information and Communication Technology and Audio and Video Production, he hopes to be a well rounded multimedia creator and aspire to share with the world the stories and feelings of others to the masses. After USM, he then got his Masters of Fine Art degree from Boston University in Cinema and Media Production, concentrating in cinematography as a director of photography student.

Jonny is a fascinating creature with a creative soul. At only 5′  2″ tall, it doesn’t stop him from jumping high to reach his goals and ideas that express his creativeness in life. Some of his interests include: story-telling, cinematography, photography, art, video games, technology and cars. His latest hobby is restoring a 49cc 2000 Tomos Targa moped.

A born and raised Mainer, he sees all the comforts of home in the great city of Portland. Having traveled to different parts of the country and the world has opened views. That no matter the language we speak, the food we eat or the ways we live, we’re all part of a larger community.

His ambitions in life is to create. Being a student at the University of Southern Maine allows him to refine his creations through education. He is completing a Bachelors degree in Media Studies along with two minors in: Audio & Video Production and Internet & Communication Technologies in the Fall of 2016.

Storytelling through the vast number of media outlets allow him to tell stories to wide variety audience. With his senior year at the university coming to a close, he hopes to travel the world and gather stories to share as well as work on his dreams in becoming a documentary artist and film maker.

Explore the ARTIST / ENTREPRENEUR / GEEK within you. That is Jonny.

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