Himura Kikonashi

Mackworth Island This island just off the coast is one of my favorites to both walk and take photos or short videos. With the seasons, like us, it changes and how you view its different sides of scenery comes chances to embrace your creativity. Collaborating with this creative has significantly allowed me to step up […]

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Mackworth Island Photo Adventure!

Mackworth Island Photo Adventure! Took an afternoon with a lovely friend to explore and take some photos on this little island adventure so close to home! The perks of living on the coast! I have not visited this island since I was a kid and it has some marvelous outdoor scenery!  Photography Copyright: Sokhean Jonathan […]

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Winter Levitation Photography

Winter usually brings a slowing thought to keep indoors. But this winter I choose to see how I can levitate my activities with others. As the winter usually means for a lot of people a slowing of outdoor or even go out to do anything other than work mentality. But since this winter break with […]

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Fall Colors on Campus

It’s the colors that attract me to the thought of change. I spent a few hours on my local university campus taking some outdoor photos. It really amazes me the different colors we are exposed to in this particular season. It’s comforting to know that when things change, it is a beautiful sight to see.

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