Oakhurst Dairy

Web Commercial Campaign to attract more Truck Drivers

Having been able to work for my first commercial company, I had the opportunity to film and edit some spot TV/WEB commercials to show what a day as an Oakhurst Dairy truck driver is like and the benefits it has for you and your family.

The University of Southern Maine

Communication and Media Studies Production Courses – Informational Video

For one year during my academic career at the University of Southern Maine, I worked on this informational video about some of the courses in the Media Studies department as well as the facilities and resources for students. This project involved my professors and fellow peers, with myself filming a majority of the video you see here with some supplementary footage. It was a great experience and a lot of fun!

Elopement Ceremony – Photo shoot

I had the honor and pleasure to capture these moments in Lawrence and Stephanie’s wedding ceremony held right at Fort Allen Park in Portland, ME.

 Maternity – Couple Photo shoot

Had the opportunity to spend time with this awesome couple and photograph for their maternity memories. We traveled around the Portland area to capture some moments and scenery during that Golden Hour.

Photography Copyright: Sokhean Jonathan Ouk © 2017

Classy on Occasion – Band Photo shoot

The local Southern Maine band, Classy on Occasion. With some of their latest tracks already in the works, we ventured to the wharf in Portland to take some new promotional photos.


Photography Copyright: Sokhean Jonathan Ouk © 2017