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Jonny’s education, media work experience and skills are represented here.

You can find me on Linkedin and download a printable PDF version of my resume below.

 Find me on Linkedin:    Sokhean Jonathan Ouk


Boston University
Boston, MA SEP 2018 – AUG 2019 GPA: 3.8
Courses: Intermediate Cinematography,

University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME 2011 – MAY 2017 GPA: 3.205
Courses: Intro to Media Studies, Intro to Communications, Intro to Video Production, Field Video Production, Advanced Field Video Production, Audio Production, Social Media, Media & Social Change, Intro International Relations, Photo Journalism, Research Methods in Communications, Intro to ROTC, Leadership Lab, Intro to PC Hardware.

University of Advancing Technology
Online 2011 – 2012 GPA: N/A
Courses: Network & Telecommunications Essentials, Security Essentials, Foundations of Systems Admin, Professional Development Skill, Technology & Society.

Media Experience:

Production Assistant

  • Munjoy Hill Media
    Evergreen Credit Union Commercial
    Production Assistant
    Portland, ME APR. 2014
    My first commercial production opportunity was this banking commercial that was shot over a period of 3 days. My role in this was being the PA, helping carry gear, set up lighting, assisting with props as well as other things that the producer needed. It was a fun experience for me to put my knowledge at the time to a real shoot.
  • Munjoy Hill Media
    Tufts University Non-Violence Conference
    Production Assistant
    Medford, MA JUN. 2014
    My second PA assignment was this one that took place at the university at Tufts. My roles this time included operating a camera as well as going off to other events to record the sessions on my own. With the help of other professionals I was able to learn and apply new operations in videography, interviews and operating a broadcasting switcher. This over night assignment paved the way to learning the dynamics of independent producing and the pre-production values for a good production.


  • Coaching For Colburn Documentary, Hartford, CT
    Independent Contractor – Videographer
    Portland, ME AUG. 2015
    As an independent contractor for this documentary, I was requested to gather some b-roll of a local minor league baseball game. With a list of specific shots, I was provided a press pass to allow myself into the stadium to take video for this documentary. With a better understanding of production, I tackled being an introvert and handled the assignment with success. It became a good experience meeting the people along the way as I tried my first solo press assignment. Being able to film a public event with  consideration of the public and with officials was beneficial for future ventures. With my client in a few states away, using the internet to transfer data taught me what services are available for high-speed/ file transfers.


  • University of Southern Maine
    Communications and Media Studies Marketing Video
    Portland, ME APR. 2015 – Present
    The Communications and Media Studies department looking for a student(s) to help develop a marking video, I was tasked with gathering B-roll, interviews and other footage of students in the production studios. Having access to proper university equipment, I was able to apply my education to recording interview sessions with professors as well as b-roll of student labs and other footage towards the marketing video.


  • University of Southern Maine
    Residential Life
    Photographer/ Videographer
    Portland, ME SEP. 2015 – JAN. 2016
    Being a videographer for Residential life, a calender of events provided me with a plan to attend three different labs I chose to cover. STEM, Innovation and Tourism and Honors are the labs I attended to record some interesting footage. The aim of this position is to create one-minute promotional marketing videos for each of the labs. These videos would be used on the USM web page in the place of current still photos. Using my own personal equipment to record footage, being able to plan ahead and manage my time for each lab was critical to ensure I am able to get valued activities of students. Communication with professors was a learning experience, much like reporters looking for an interview.

Team Leader / Producer

  • New England Film Academy
    Young Film Maker’s Summer Camp / Teen Film Maker’s Workshop
    Team Leader/ Counselor
    Portland, ME JUN. 2015 – AUG. 2015, JUN. 2016 – AUG. 2016
    As a Team Leader at the camp, I helped educate, supervise, guide and coordinate a small group of children in writing, filming and editing a short movie. The young portion of the camp included children from 10 to 13. This camp taught the children the fundamentals of film making from, writing scripts, to how to frame shots and editing. The teen side of the camp was between children from 14 to 17. With the teen portion of the camp, the program was similar to the young film makers, but with actors and higher level of production. At the end of each portion of the youth and teen camps, we have a premier for the children and their parents where the team leaders presented the kids and their films along with the camp creators.

Independent Producer –

  • HiitsJonny
    Independent Freelance Producer
    Director/ Producer/ Design / Film Maker
    Portland, ME AUG. 2011 – PRESENT
    Being my own creator has led me to redesign and brand myself as a creative content producer. With a variety of multi-media platforms, I experiment, create and learn new ways to generate content as well as the services I provide. From creating short videos to film, music videos to video game-play and graphic design, I provide my viewers content and my clients professional service for their needs.
    With this business venture, I hope to establish myself by embracing my interests as well as providing meaningful content and services to the masses.

Other Work Experience:

University of Southern Maine
Telecommunications Associate
Portland, ME SEP. 2014 – NOV. 2014
Service internal and external customers connecting to their telecommunication destinations on USM campuses. Operate the Campus Switchboard, Info Line, and Office telephone as well as general office tasks. At the front desk, I process and issue USM ID cards and parking permits.

University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME SEP. 2013 – DEC. 2013
As a journalist at the Free Press, I was in charge of brainstorming my own story ideas as well as research, interview and write my stories to be in the weekly paper.


Software –
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Flash Professional
Hitfilm Ultimate 2
Hitfilm Express
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Filezilla Client – FTP
Mozilla Firefox

Hardware –
PC Computers
MAC Computers
Home Networking
Building PC Computers

Camera –
Canon C100, C200, C300
Panasonic GH4
Sony A7SII, A6400
Studio HD Cameras

Audio –
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
Tascam 70D
Shotgun Microphones

Other –
Film making
Video Editing
Web Design
Graphic Design
Social Media

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