Hi it’s Jonny

East End – An Afternoon of Solitude

May 12th, 2016

With more and more projects and ideas in the works, this video was shot on a newly acquired Panasonic GH4. Testing out filming in 4K resolution and descaling it for a much more sharper image and options for framing.

 SokheanJOuk headshot portland

Welcome to Sokhean Jonathan Ouk’s online web page and portfolio. Preferred by his middle name Jonathan, he is also known as “Jonny.” This page will introduce you to him with a portfolio of some of his current and best works to date.

As a young artist and creator, being able to express himself is important. His preferred choice is through moving pictures and storytelling. With his love of the human condition, he enjoys stories that touch the universal emotions, struggles and happiness we all have experienced. His biggest personal project is to document his parent’s stories from a war torn country to raising a family in a new culture and society here in Maine.

Some of his goals include traveling the world and become a documentary film maker. Doing so will allow him to connect with many more people in the world as well as broaden his horizons.

Completing his Bachelors degree in Media Studies at the University of Southern Maine with minors in Information and Communication Technology and Audio and Video Production, he hopes to be a well rounded multimedia creator and aspire to share with the world the stories and feelings of others to the masses.

Explore the ARTIST / ENTREPRENEUR / GEEK within you. That is Jonny.

Apr 1 2016