Senior Media Project

When you first see someone, what do you think is, their story?

Here is the 7 Minute Cut of my documentary.

Documentary on the Stories of Cambodian Refugees and the Lives they created now.

The Media Project:

Idea: Documenting the stories of Cambodian families from the lives and struggles during the civil war to the lives they have created today in the Greater Portland area. Perform video interviews with various families as well as my own; to give viewers some insight into the lives of these strong families in Maine and the children they raise.

Main goals:

  • Interview Cambodian families about their experiences before and after the war.
  • Capture stories of great importance and turning points.
  • How they are able to create a life in the Greater Portland area, ex. Work, Community, Hobbies, etc.
  • Explore the dynamics of raising a family and the children who are raised here.

Individuals to be interviewed include:

  • Cambodians who fled the war torn country of Cambodia and reside in the Greater Portland area.
  • Children of the first generations of Cambodians to settle in the area.
  • Others who are a part of their stories and those that can add more value to their tales.

With is documentary storytelling, I hope to include members of the Cambodian community of the Greater Portland area. Through predetermined interviews, extra footage of the different places around the area and music scores, stories will be presented to the viewer as a slice of life and unscripted view and personal opinion on their struggles and life assimilating into the American culture and Portland area.

Storytelling through local resident(s) contributions, friends, and community member and or other residents; through video will be my primary focus.

Independent Study

Learning objectives: what will you learn to do, know, or understand as an outcome of this project?

  • I will learn how to properly setup and conduct interviews in a variety of locations.
  • Test my ability to socially engage people to contribute their stories as natural and non-robotic.
  • Learning a method(s) for great storytelling that is both engaging and relative to viewer’s experiences and interests.
  • How to manage a production schedule and project as a solo producer.

Activities: what will you do?  Be specific about what you will observe, measure, perform, and create.

  • I will research and network with those that I believe would contribute greatly to the storytelling elements of the project with their personal stories.
  • Determine the proper way to add “value” to the stories of individuals with addition footage of places and or objects.
  • Create a possible linear storytelling based on the timelines of resident stories (if it referenced a historical event. Ex. Portland’s new Casco Bay Bridge; when fireworks became legal; etc.)

Resources: what will you need to complete the project?  Include bibliography, people, agencies, budget, and equipment.

  • I will need to contact some possible agencies to determine some possible residents to fill a need for the eldest residents of Greater Portland. Contact businesses and other organizations to assist in adult and senior interviews.
  • A few Production Assistants may be needed to help setup equipment, and or act as hands to add to production value and ensure post is met with minimal big “oops” when conducting interviews.
  • Assistance from friends, classmates, and colleagues in locating individuals for potential interviews as well as reference when contacting individuals in their social networks.
  • A budget will be made for expenses of travel and other unforeseen expenses.
  • Any equipment that is needed to contribute to the project, that is not already in my possession may include: software, lighting, and lens for crisp and sharp images.

Evaluation: what will you produce or perform that will be evaluated for a final grade?

  • I will produce a video documentary of stories of Greater Portland area Cambodian residents and their experiences from immigrating to the US and the lives they created here.
  • My performance as the interviewer and or host of the documentary piece.
  • Performance in engaging and effective storytelling.
  • Ability to produce a piece with good audio, visual and other multi-media content.
  • Overall effort in creating a piece to be showcased to the rest of the world and prepare myself for other planned documentaries that will take me around the world.

Tasks and schedule: what are the major tasks you must accomplish in order to complete the project?  What is your schedule and what are your deadlines?  Include a time-line.

Major tasks include a deadline for research of individuals to be interviewed.

  • Deadline: October 13th, 2015

Start filming interviews.

  • Start: October 20th, 2015
  • Deadline: November 10th, 2015

Research and or filming for B-roll and or other shots to add value.

  • Start: October 20th, 2015
  • Deadline: November 10th, 2015

Post Production Editing.

  • Start: November 3rd, 2015

First Cut.

  • Deadline: November 14th, 2015

Second Cut.

  • Deadline: November 21st, 2015

Final Cut.

  • Deadline: November 24th, 2015