University Portfolio

These are a collection of Projects and Videos I have made during my time at the University of Southern Maine


DREAMT – A Short One Minute Film

Actor and Producer

As an assignment to my Visual Storytelling class, we were to make a one minute video that shows a daily struggle with a scene of waking up and going to sleep.


Stories of a Generation – Refuges of the Cambodian Civil War –

CMS Senior Project

Documentary Production

In this video for his senior project at USM, he documents some stories of local Cambodian refuges about the past they lived during a war torn country and how they came to America. A 7 minutes cut.


GOOD VIBES – Introduction to Video Production Final Project

Best Role – Director

In this video, he becomes the director for a class project where a live broadcast recording is made. Using his knowledge and experience with team work, he is able to assist his team in broadcast studio recording a live interview.


BEYOND A PROMISE – Visual Storytelling Final Project

Best Visual Story Telling – Producer

Using his experience with Hitfilm Ultimate 2, this assignment was free choice to tell a visual story using the different topics covered in class. He used 3D models, green screen and editing skills to create his first take on this level of creation.


DISRUPTION – Advanced Field Video Production Final

Best Opening and Ending Scenes – Video Editor

Through last minute editing, Jonny creates his best opening and ending scenes in this team production project for his Advanced Field Production class. The opening scene required using sound effects to create the mood with an ending credit line to reply the climax of the film.


TROOPER – Field Video Production Continuity Project

Best Comedy – Actor

This class video project, needed an actor. Jonny’s interest in learning all aspects of a production volunteered himself as an actor for this comedy short.


TEAM CHESTER – Introduction to Business Final Presentation Music Video

Best Visual Effects – Producer

For an extra credit option for his business class, Jonny creates a music video that catches the experiences of his team as well as aspects of the topics learned in class. He uses extensive visual effects and 3D models to create this comedic and extra credit granted video.