A collection of my videography

Amanda and David Wedding 60 Second TRAILER

A trailer for Amanda and David’s Wedding day 08/04/2018 that took place in Jackson, New Hampshire at Eagle Mountain House.

Local Eats – Portland, Maine – Episode One – North Point (Pilot)

This is a pilot episode for a web series about the local establishments in Portland, ME to test a style for the host as well as my ability to frame, capture audio and produce a high value episode as well as making it entertaining.

White Evergreen (Short)

My latest creative video that was filmed this week. I decided I wanted to spend a little time in Evergreen to explore the winter scenery and enjoy a simple walk through there.

Autumn Within – A Story Driven Short Film

Creating is the only thing I know. While telling stories is something I am learning to do. Poetry is relived in Autumn Within.

Walking Through Water – Short Film

Having taken photography a little more seriously in my lapse of creating videos, I still wanted to create a short. This was a short video we filmed during our photo shoot on Mackworth Island.

Communication and Media Studies Production Courses – Informational Video Project

In this one year long project, my school, the University of Southern Maine had an opportunity for a Media Studies student to create a informational video on the video production courses! I had filmed and edited a majority footage along with some supplementary footage.

Belle Cosplayer Highlight Music Video PortCon! Maine 2018

Having attended PortConMaine 2018  I decided to create some highlight videos. Since I believe that there is to much good footage to not make their own little video and appreciate their cosplays.

PortConMaine Cosplay 4K! Video 2016

It has been awhile since I have attended an Anime Con, so I wanted to start local. Hello PortConMaine 2016! Having set up an event weeks in advance, I went to capture some awesome cosplayers for my debut 4K cosplay video. The first! and not the last cosplay video!

East End – An Afternoon of Solitude

With the semester over and time on his hands, Jonny took to the East End to try out his new camera. With the 4K capabilities of the Panasonic GH4, he decided to make a short video of the area to test out new camera and editing techniques.

Maine Hip Hop Summit 2015

As the main cameraman for this public event, Jonny was contacted to help film the hip hop summit along with interviews. Every shot in this video was filmed by him with the exception of the time lapse. He gained some real world experience with live interviews in a public place.

Anthony Dighello – Happiness Music Video

One of the most recent music videos he has helped create. Jonny became one of the prime cinematographers for Anthony Dighello and his music videos. All the scenes were shot in the same location with varying degrees of creative freedom with the location.

DREAMT – A Short One Minute Film

As an assignment to my Visual Storytelling class, we were to make a one minute video that shows a daily struggle with a scene of waking up and going to sleep.

Stories of a Generation – Refuges of the Cambodian Civil War – PILOT

In this video for his senior project at USM, he documents some stories of local Cambodian refuges about the past they lived during a war torn country and how they came to America. A 7 minutes cut.